We give preference to investments that solve real sustainability and community problems and naturally align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and host government objectives.

We seek to avoid overly politicised situations, vital strategic assets, crowded markets, and other circumstances with magnified risk.

As experienced principal investors and developers, we are able to draw on our in-house development team together with our team of former investment bankers, project financiers and fund managers to originate, design, develop, construct and operate projects that are de-risked at each key milestone towards financial close and throughout their operation.  

We also work closely with our experienced local development partners to assist in managing local issues and to originate projects, and with multilateral organisations and Governments to ensure our investments achieve our sustainability and community objectives and that we have applied the International Finance Corporation’s Sustainability Framework and Environmental and Social Performance Standards.

Our partners include:



Multiple exclusive project origination platforms

Our origination platforms include Sanguine’s directly sourced pipeline, our in-country partner pipeline and exclusive referrals from our multilateral partner network.


A focus on origination in non-crowded markets

We focus on originating projects in non crowded markets, avoiding competitive processes and politically risky situations.


An ability to align project success with country Governments

Our multilateral partners support us in ensuring that our projects align with country, Government and community interests to maximise sustainable outcomes, community benefits and economic growth.


A clearly defined and rigorous analytical process

We apply a clearly defined and rigorous analytical process for assessing potential investments, including assessment by Sanguine Asia Pacific Services and by independent consultants prior to proceeding with an investment decision.


An experienced funds management team

We have a funds management team with extensive experience gained from establishing, operating and advising on more than 13 funds. The team has strong in house capability in finance, structuring and mergers and acquisitions.


An accomplished development team

A development team that draws on the experience of designing, developing, constructing, and operating infrastructure projects across many countries to ensure minimal deliver risk.


Dedicated teams for each Fund

Dedicated teams for each of our funds combined with Sanguine Asia Pacific Services which includes nearly 50 experienced developers, regionally located teams, strong local partners, staffed project companies and project specific advisers provide a sound basis for successful outcomes.


Working closely with MIGA

We work closely with the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) of the World Bank to bring political risk insurance to our projects where there is a need to enhance their commerciality. This brings the power of private capital and government institutions to focus on creating the core elements essential to achieving sustainable outcomes.


Sanguine appointed Directors to all project SPVs

We ensure we have close and direct control of our projects, understand and monitor their risk, and have an ability to quickly respond to issues at a project level through the appointment of Sanguine selected directors to each project company we own.


Partnering with the world’s leading institutions

We partner with leading institutions, fiduciaries, sovereign wealth funds, development banks, pension funds and other financial institutions that have an interest in investing for sustainability to ensure successful development and operation of projects.


A hands on approach to managing projects

We take a hands on approach to our projects with offices in most of the countries in which we operate, and staff on the ground originating and managing projects.


Strong relationships with local development partners

Our close relationship with leading local development partners is a strong mitigating factor for country risk.

Work with leading global professional service providers

We involve some of the leading global professional service providers to ensure the highest quality advice, project analysis/management and assurance in developing and operating projects to create community benefits, socially positive outcomes and achieve commercial returns.


If you have mid-stage sustainable infrastructure projects in need of capital which meet our criteria we are interested to hear about your project. The projects must be able to demonstrate that they will contribute to community and social benefits, and capable of generating commercial returns.